The first release focus is on the kings soldiers, in both Casquet and bicorn hats. Michael Percy, former sculptor of SHQ, Foundry, and currently Three Armies, is Sculpting the models.


I have a number of idea for stretch goals, but we need to get the corps troops done first.We may add firing line?.


I want the models looking classical in their helmets, and stunning in Bicorns and very solid and professional.


Aiming to have marching miniatures, command and grenadiers;


We have gone for 24 model units, we can add different unit sizes, for example for if In The grand manner etc please contact us.


More images will be added.


we have set a relatively low kickstarter goal, sculpting, moulding, packaging new models is expensive these days, and we are open to peoples thoughts, are ambitions are high, but we are realistic with our expectations, we need support to push out these models, and future projects.

Soldiers of the Ancien Régime