It all started in a cafe in Hondschoote, with the famous windmill in the horizon, me and my Husband Matthew stopped for breakfast, it was sunny morning in November 2016, we had just been trading at the Crisis games show in Antwerp. I wanted to know why at wargames show so many Napoleonic battles were being displayed, but i had never scene at a show a Revolutionary War Battle?


so why not this period?


We had over the last fifteen visited France frequently on holidays, we went to southern Brittany numerous times, often to the Quiberon Peninsular, on a stunning beach there is monument to the émigrés,  a museum, the story of the war of the Vendee become more horrific as we found out more, and almost everywhere something happened, like at Dol du Breton. At Versailles the stunning painting of the battle of Valmy hangs proud.


So i want to see units of Painted Models of the French Revolutionary wars, the stunning uniforms of Louis xvi soldiers, who formed the centre of the demi-brigades, in their white coats wearing casquetts, or the blue coats of the blue coats.


This kickstarter consists of 36 miniatures, 12 in casquettes, 12 in Bicorns and 12 Grenadiers. also no range of miniatures of this period would not be complete with ought a windmill, and barracks for your soldiers.


The miniatures have been sculpted by Michael Percy. The first 12 miniatures have been made and moulded, They then need their heads changing into bicorns, and then 12 grenadiers.


kicksarter, is being used to pay for the sculpting and mould making,this is not cheap, for years we have been the UK and European show representative for Murawski miniatures, and are used with the stunning quality of Griffin Moulds, so they will be doing all the moulding and casting. They produce very clean and crisp castings.


The models are in sets of 4 models or battalion packs of 24 models, if you have ideas of different unit size, as their is so many different rule sets please get in touch.


to enhance your Revolutionary battlefield i have included a stunning hand crafted farm, and of course no Revolutionary is complete without a windmill.


i aim to put up a couple of updates every week.


thank, any questions please get in touch,



Soldiers of the Ancien Régime